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Build Customer Loyalty
For Your

Easy to launch. Easy to manage.
No app. No fuss.

Boost Customer Loyalty With Punch Cards

The same proven strategy to grow a loyal customer base… with a digital twist!



15% of a business’s most loyal customers account for 55-70% of it’s total sales.

How it works graphic-Step 2


Returning customers spend on average 67% more than first-time customers.



69% of consumers are influenced by loyalty/reward programs.

Build Instant Customer Loyalty

Punch Cards keep customers coming back to your business.

Supercharge Your Loyalty Program

Launch Punch Cards in minutes.
Validate with your own smartphone.
Send notifications to your customers.
Track all activity on your dashboard.
All in real-time.

It’s Almost Too Easy!

Free 30-Day Trial

Works With Any Smartphone

works-with-all-phones-_1_Customers easily add Punch Cards to their smartphone without installing an app.

Encourages Repeat Visits

get more customersEncourage customers to return more frequently to get additional Punches.

Customers Earn Rewards

How-it-works-graphic-Rounded-step-3Boost customer loyalty with automatic notifications and reward redemption.

Get In Your Customer's Wallet.

The Future of Commerce is Mobile

mobile walletThis is your opportunity to get inside your customer’s smartphone and new “digital wallet”. Gone are expensive paper-style promotions and static marketing campaigns. Everyone is going mobile

It’s time your business does too!

Graphic-How it works

Punch Cards are compatible with all major smartphones:Phone-Logos

Mobile Punch Cards Benefit Your Business

When compared to other types of loyalty programs, Punch Cards are the smarter solution.



Punch Cards work with native mobile wallets so customers don’t need to download a separate loyalty app.



Loyalty Punch Card programs can increase customer spend by over 10% giving you more revenue.



Customers love being rewarded for their loyalty – There’s no better way to keep your customers happy.



Punch Cards help eliminate fraud by only allowing authorized staff scanners to add punches and redeem rewards.



Discover your most loyal and valuable customers with built in analytics and activity reports.



Launch at a fraction of the price it costs to print out traditional punch cards or brand a 3rd party app.



Punch Card programs gives your customers added incentive to return over time and shop again.



Reward your customers and use cutting edge technology to get a step above your competition.

Quick. Easy. Cost-Effective.

Explore how to build a loyal customer base in just a few minutes.

Getting Started is Simple. Design custom Punch Cards with our easy-to-use platform.

How-it-works-graphic-Rounded-step-1Drag-and-Drop Builder

Our easy-to-use Punch Cards Builder makes designing and launching Punch Cards a cinch!


white-labelYour Logo and Brand

Use your own graphics, logo, text and more to customize your own Punch Cards.


works-anywhere-in-the-worldMake Changes Anytime

Update and publish changes instantly. Better results at a fraction of the cost of paper!

Distribute Your Punch Cards to Customers in Seconds.
Enrolling customers is as simple as snapping a selfie!


Existing Print Materials

Add a QR code to your existing posters, flyers and brochures.

SMS Message

Send your customers a special link via text message.

Email Message

Send your customers an email with a unique link.


Share your Punch Cards on social media and grow your customer base.

Be Top of Mind. Instantly communicate with customers to encourage repeat visits.

phone with mapGPS Geo-Fencing

Automatically send notifications when your customers are at a specific longitude/latitude.


beacon ommitting signalBluetooth Beacons

Automatically send notifications when your customers are within 200 feet of your location.


restaurant with a signal poping outOn Demand

Broadcast real-time notifications when you have special offers or just want more foot traffic!

Smarter Rewards. Easily trigger automatic, on-demand and one-time offers with just a few clicks!


Buy X Get Y Free

Keep track of your most loyal customers and deliver rewards based on purchase goals.

One-Time Rewards

Create special offers and limit the amount of times each customer can claim the deal.

On-Demand Rewards

Notify your customers in real-time to return to your location and claim a special offer.

Web-Based Reports and Charts

white labelTrack every customer interaction in real-time through your own branded Punch Cards web platform from any computer or tablet connected to the Internet.

Make Better Decisions

analytics-2How many offers were redeemed last month? How well did your loyalty campaign perform? Digital Punch Cards allow for more intelligent business decisions with better results.

Punch Cards Grow With Your Business

Choose The Plan That’s Right For You. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.



  • Instant Access to Designer
  • 50 Mobile Punch Cards
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • GPS Notifications
  • Free Always



  • Instant Access to Designer
  • 500 Mobile Punch Cards
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • GPS Notifications
  • Beacon Notifications
Get Started Now



  • Instant Access to Designer
  • 2,000 Mobile Punch Cards
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • GPS Notifications
  • Beacon Notifications
  • BONUS: 2 FREE Beacons!
Get Started Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the free account really free?

Yup, it’s really free! We’re happy to see your get value from our free plan but you can upgrade to a paid plan for additional features at anytime.

How do you count Mobile Punch Cards?

Our billing is simple — only customers who download your Mobile Punch Card to their smartphone are counted towards your total count.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Sign up for the plan that best suits your needs. Upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Do customers need to download a separate app?

No. Customers do not need to download a separate app to take part in your Punch Card loyalty program, this will work natively with Apple Wallet and all other smartphone Mobile Wallet apps.

Does this work on all phones?

Yes! Punch Cards works on all major smartphones including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, even other devices like iPad, iPod and more, allowing you to offer a universal mobile loyalty program to your customers.

Will this work in my country?

Yes. Punch Cards works anywhere in the world.  Your dashboard and loyalty programs can be accessed anywhere with internet access.

What languages are available?

Currently Punch Cards can be created in: English, French, German, Spanish and Hebrew, if you don’t see your language, simply contact us.

Can I White Label Punch Cards under my company’s brand?

Yes.  Punch Cards has a partner white label program.  Click here to learn more about our White Label partner program.

Does Punch Cards integrate with Beacons?

Yes. Punch Cards allows you to add beacons to your loyalty programs so that customers get custom notifications on their smartphones when they are in your location.

How do GPS Notifications work?

You can select up to 10 GPS locations in and around your location/city so that customers that are participating in your Punch Card program get alerted with custom notifications when they enter these defined areas.

How are Punch Cards validated and verified so there is no fraud?

Punch Cards allows you to select which specific devices have the ability to validate and award “punches” to your customers  You can also view analytics and metrics to ensure there is no loyalty program fraud.  

What if I have more questions?

Our team is here to help you. Get in touch with us anytime by sending an email to hello@punchcards.com.