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Why Every Local Business Needs A Mobile Punch Cards Loyalty Program

Local business owners have always been faced with the following dilemma:

How can I increase revenue from existing customers, while at the same time acquire new customers, and encourage them to return to my business in a competitive market?

Smart business owners know that customer loyalty (revenue from repeat customers) is the most important factor for any long-term profitable business.

Repeat Customers = Increased Revenue

Returning customers spend on average 67% more than first-time customers. (Bain and Company)
78% of consumers are not yet loyal to a particular brand. (Nielsen)
48% of consumers say that the most critical time to gain their loyalty is on first purchase. (ClickFox)
69% of consumer spending decisions are influenced by where they can earn rewards. (Maritz)

Gain loyal customers without breaking the bank

How-it-works-graphic-Rounded-step-5Whether you’re looking to replace your existing loyalty program or start from scratch, the number one goal should always be bringing customers back to spend more.

One of the most well-known methods of building and maintaining customer loyalty is the old-fashioned Punch Card, otherwise known as a Stamp Card, Loyalty Card or Rewards Card.

Punch Card reward programs simply WORK!  After all, who doesn’t like being rewarded for their loyalty?

The problem is no one likes to carry around paper.


Castle Rock Entertainment

For the program to be effective, customers have to carry physical paper cards in their wallets every time they purchase a coffee, burrito, massage or haircut.  That’s a lot of cards to keep in your wallet everyday.

You might know it best from an episode from Seinfeld and the “George Costanza Wallet”.  In the episode George carries around so much paper in his wallet that it literally explodes.

We’ve all had our wallet size grow out of control because of local business reward programs, only to eventually cleanse and toss loyalty cards in the trash.

On top of that, small businesses owners continuously struggle with trying to get customers to carry their cards, while at the same time avoiding fraud by customers trying to cheat the system.

Physical loyalty cards simply aren’t as effective as they used to be.

Your Smartphone is Now Your Wallet

mobile walletWe live in a digital society where customers now do everything on their smartphones.  Did you know that when you eat, sleep and travel, your smartphone is always within 10 feet of you?

So we had an idea…

What if we took that same proven Punch Card loyalty rewards concept and made it mobile?

This would eliminate expensive print costs, and more importantly, communicate with customers where they spend most of their time and money these days – on their iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.

Mobile Punch Cards allow for all the same benefits as traditional Punch Cards, but exist digitally inside a customer’s Mobile Wallet on their mobile device.

add-to-apple-wallet-logoYou might be familiar with Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) that is installed on every iPhone, iPad and iPod.  Android, Windows and Samsung have their own mobile wallets too.

Everyone is starting to adopt a new “digital wallet” that allows anyone to store everything from movie tickets to boarding passes. You might even have a Starbucks card in your mobile wallet right now!

Coffee-Punch-Cards-Action-ShotBy creating Punch Cards that live inside the Apple Wallet, you can now launch your own custom branded mobile Punch Cards loyalty solution in minutes, at the fraction of the price it would cost to print out traditional paper punch cards or brand a 3rd party app.

Mobile Punch Cards are not only affordable, but also the quickest and easiest loyalty rewards program to launch and immediately start increasing customer spend.

Not only will rewards keep your customers happy, but a mobile Punch Cards loyalty solution will eliminate redemption fraud.

To scan the Punch Cards, all you need is your own smartphone or existing point-of-sale (POS) scanner.  Simply scan the screen of the user’s device, and they’ll get a Punch every time they purchase something.

Reward Your Best Customers

How-it-works-graphic-Rounded-step-3If you’re looking to improve communication with your customers and stay top of mind, mobile Punch Cards can send customers who’ve opted into your program automatic notifications based on their GPS location or via Bluetooth beacons that broadcast messages from your business’ location.

platform-gps-notification-newNeed to increase foot traffic?

With Mobile Punch Cards you can broadcast real-time notifications when you have special offers – whenever you want!

Best of all, everything is tracked digitally in the cloud, you can easily identify your most loyal and valuable customers and reward them in real-time.

Gone are the days of paper-style promotions or third-party loyalty apps. With a mobile Punch Cards loyalty solution, your business will benefit. Your customers have gone mobile and it’s time your loyalty program does too!

Show your customers they’re appreciated and turn your loyal customers into brand ambassadors.

This is the “next generation” of Punch Cards – the loyalty program solution you’ve been looking for to help grow your business and keep your most loyal customers happy.

Click here to claim your FREE Punch Cards now.